Does The Audi A3 Have Good Reviews?

If you are thinking about buying any new or used car then it is always helpful to look at the reviews that professional motoring journalists have written about that car before making a final purchasing decision. This will help you to make sure that you are making the right decision and that you know exactly what you are buying and do not have any nasty surprising coming round the corner after you get your car home.

But one problem with this is that there are literally hundreds (probably thousands) of reviews out there. Each reviewer will have their own quirks and prejudices, and when you are looking at reviews online you can never be sure that the person who wrote the review is being completely impartial.

So if you want to know how the Audi A3 compares to other small family cars hopefully this short digest of what the reviewers are saying will help you.

Most reviewers agree that this car is more practical than many of its competitors, but is still a fun car to drive. May reviews praise the A3 for having good, racy handling, combined with a substantial amount of storage space for a vehicle of its size. This does, however, seem to come at the cost of passenger space, which a number of reviewers have described as being a little bit cramped. Two features which have garnered a great deal of praise from reviewers of the Audi A3 are the economical diesel engine and the four-wheel-drive system. Unfortunately, however, the four-wheel-drive is only available on petrol models so these two features cannot be purchased together.

Most reviews agree that the A3 is a good quality car with many desirable features, but that you pay for what you get, as this is not a cheap car compared to other small family cars.