Audi’s A3 is designed for buyers who are seeking the feel of the larger premium luxury cars without driving an enormous vehicle. Audi’s A3 provides just that, a premium luxury car feel at a smaller car convenience. The A3’s unique outer design sports Audi’s new bold nose and is a sign of the design direction that Audi is heading toward.

The A3 builds on Audi’s renowned reputation for delivering excellent quality build, classy interiors, performance and durability. The A3 has a pleasant sporty appearance and a nice interior design, the powerful V6 performance model is a statement to the public that Audi is taking the fight to the competition. The V6 is only one of several engine options that are available. The diesel engine is mechanically sound and economical on fuel, whatever your individual preference, the A3 has an impressive selection of top-notch engines.

Audi has designed the A3 to have an extremely spacious cabin. This Audi can comfortably seat four average-sized adult passengers. Every inch of space has been strategically utilized in this vehicle to allow the maximum amount of head and legroom for front and rear riding passengers.


Although the A3 is reasonably priced, the standard package doesn’t cover all of the necessities, making it likely that some upgrades will be required. The diesel engine runs much more economically than its petrol counterpart. Insurance and servicing costs run higher on the A3 than an average family hatch, but Audi’s resale value should be higher than the average competitor if for no other reason than the Audi name.

Audi’s A3 has been made more practical with the addition of two more doors. This has been a great asset to buyers allowing easier access to the rear seats. The rear seats are now able to accommodate two adults comfortably.

The controls and instruments are easy to read and manipulate from a variety of positions within the car. The cars ventilation panel has really small buttons that are difficult to use for the ventilation system’s major functions.

At times the A3 struggles with delivering a comfortable ride. The seats are firm and supportive, and there is plenty of head and legroom for all. Rear passengers should be quite comfortable. Tall passengers may have a difficult time riding in the rear.


The A3’s doors are large enough to facilitate easy access to the cabin. Seats adjust for driver and passenger comfort. Gaining access to rear seating is not difficult, but exiting the vehicle from the rear seats has proven to be more challenging.

The A3’s variable rate power assisted steering parking requires very little exertion. Forward visibility is good, but rear visibility is somewhat limited.

Life Style

With four-wheel drive options available, Audi is proud of the fact that performance is high on the company agenda. However, the A3 doesn’t provide a smooth ride, especially within city limits. The many engine options makes this car an appealing choice for drivers.

The A3 would make a decent family car for a small family. The cars small rear compartment should be large enough to carry most family oriented items. The hatch is too small to accommodate strollers and other large cargo items. The expensive interior trim sported by the premium hatch may not be family friendly either.

The premium A3 hatchback would make a great first car assuming that the new driver can afford it. The A3 is quality built and reliable. Insurance and maintenance will be more costly for the A3 than with more low-end hatches.

Audi is known for producing quality cars. Audi is often thought of as a producer who envisions the total ownership package, not just a car’s ability to create a positive driving experience for the driver. Audi focuses more on creating high quality build standards and less on exterior style. Audi’s image reflects practical products built with quality parts meant to enhance the driver’s quality of life and not just the driving experience.

Security and Safety

Audi’s A3 is outfitted with a remote central locking feature. This feature is supplemented Category One alarm and immobilizer system, this is understandable given the stylish appeal of the A3.

The A3 comes with all the usual safety features, such as; ABS, traction control, twin front, side, and head air bags. ISOFIX child seating mountings are included along with the ability to deactivate the front passenger airbag when using a rear-facing child restraint.



The Finishing Touches

The car comes equipped with a standard stereo and CD unit. The unit functions well, but its controls are small and difficult to manage. The car offers many add-ons, such as; a CVD changer option, a sat-nav system, and a TV option to name a few.

Most colors work really well with the Audi A3. It is not a color sensitive car at all. Dark blues and reds, even light colors fare well on the Audi. Of course red is the sportier color of choice. The interior is decorated with light colored fascia plastics, and seats come in leather or cloth variations.


The Audi A3 is a mechanically sound vehicle that is comparable to its competitors, and it offers an extra load carrying capacity and two extra doors for added accessibility. The A3’s stylish nose gives it an air of distinction from past Audi’s and the sloping roofline gives the car an even sportier look.